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Various folks reiterated that Rich Rodriguez will return in season three which is the right thing to do and say.  But just like everything over the past few seasons, even a simple thing like a statement in support induced some drama. 

Via Dave Birkett in AnnArbor.com, check this out:

“Rich Rodriguez is our coach,” he said. “I and the administration fully support him, and you’ll see him in the future.”

When asked if that meant next year, Martin said, “Absolutely.”

Even if Michigan is found to have committed NCAA violations regarding excessive practice time?

“He will be our coach next year, today,” Martin said.

Ummm, wha?

Asked to clarify what “today” meant, Martin said, “Well then delete the word today.”

“He’ll be here next year, no question,” Martin said.

Nothing is easy.

I noticed Cleveland.com had it slightly different, with Martin affirming Rodriguez like this:

"He will be our coach next year," Martin told media. "You’re asking me today if he’s going to be our coach. There’s no if, ands or buts about it. He is our coach and he has my full support. He’ll be there next year. No question about it."

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