That’s right, the Webmaster is in with season hockey tickets. In Section 22, of all places, which is my favorite section in the Big House! Of note:

Maize Outs:
– Ohio State 11/1
– Miami 1/9
– Michigan State 1/24

Blue Outs:

Teddy Bear Toss (someone pls explain why this is a significant event):
– Michigan State 12/5

Senior Night: (glad to see they’re respecting the older crowd
– Ferris State 4/28


  1. Teddy Bear toss is a huge event because the Teddy Bears are given to the kids at Mott Hospital. The whole toss is quite comical from a student perspective….but it does help a good cause.

    I take it you have never had hockey tickets before?

  2. Thanks Tony. And that’s correct, first season ticket package for MVictors

  3. Yea, I remember the teddy bear toss from a couple of years ago, maybe 04-05 or 05-06. We were down 3-0 after one period against bowling green. At the first intermission we had the teddy bear toss and someone’s bear got caught in the protective netting above the glass behind the net. This was the net that Bowling Green defended in the second period. The bear hung directly over the goalie facing him perfectly. We ended up scoring 3 or 4 in that period and winning the game. I know that the bear was for a little kid somewhere, but I wish that they had kept the bear there and just shelled out $20 or so for a new one, like as a new good luck tradition or something. Needless to say i was bitterly disappointed when i returned the next week to find that he had been taken down.

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