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A follow-up on the Banished from the Big House post from last week, where U-M media relations confirmed to me that a couple premium seat holders had their tickets yanked for rowdy behavior during the State game.

MVictors reader ‘Mfan’ claims to be a witness to the whole thing:

They were actually seated right in front of me. Came in hammered, and brought a flask in. They were loud, obnoxious, swearing, etc… typical of what you’d find at an nfl game. That didn’t go over too well in the club section, especially with kids around. Of course it didn’t help when they started threatening to be waiting in the parking lot for the people that complained. To UofM’s credit, they contacted my Dad the next week to get his side of the story (even though he never complained), then contacted him later to tell him that they were banning the 4 guys from the stadium (with a refund).

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