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The AP poll is in for Week 10.  Crap, no votes for Michigan again this week.

After reviewing each of the voters’ rankings here’s a few things that stuck out:

  • Top Slots: Once again, with the exception of one voter, all of the writers have Florida, Alabama or Texas in their top three.  That voter is once again  Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News who kept Texas #4, removed USC at #2 and replaced them with Oregon.
  • Apparently ESPN/ABC’s Kirk Herbstreit didn’t get his ballot in this week, don’t know the circumstances. 
  • Top 10/Region – Here’s the national vote, spliced by the region of the voters (Central is effectively Big 12 country, mostly dudes from Texas):


  • Big Ten by Region –Here’s how the Big Ten and Notre Dame was rated, by region:


  • Angelique.  Here’s how The Angel of the Big House put her vote this week and last.  Interesting that she completely rejiggered her top five and kept Iowa and Boise St. put at 6 and 7.  Also note her love for Notre Dame on the current ballot, from out of the top 25 last week all the way to #18 today:


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