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UPDATE 12/22: This really isn’t going away. The nerd-o-sphere is all over Howard (rightly so). Check out these comments from one of the top blogs, Deadspin

Yesterday, in a rare show of public acknowledgment, Howard discussed the huge error, but seems to couch it in the “I had a verbal misstep” language, ignoring that he didn’t just accidentally say “Texas,” he actually did a whole discussion of why it was his favorite upcoming bowl game. We’re not sure we want to blame Howard entirely here — we don’t think he’s that bad, actually — but lots of people have to screw up a lot of times in a row for this to make it on live air.

Of course, as much ESPN is controlling the bowl games these days, we wouldn’t be surprises [sic] if they just ordered Cal and Texas to go ahead and play one another, just to make things easier

Agree with Deadspin completely here. Why didn’t Desmond Howard explain how this happened? Admit the full error, e.g., “I do a lot of research on these games and match-ups and my notes were mixed up as I prepped before going live. I flat out screwed up and apologize.”

Here’s the clip of Desmond’s “apology”:

Here’s the Original Story:

Here’s the clip of Desmond Howard breaking down the Holiday Bowl match-up between Cal and Texas. The problem is that Texas in not playing in the Holiday Bowl. He didn’t just leave the “A&M” off, he actually broke down the game as if Colt McCoy and the Longhorns were playing in this game. Pretty painful to watch. No, very painful to watch. [I can’t bear to watch this again]. And no one on the set tried to stop this train wreck once it started.