Something caused a big shift in the Vegas spread last night after 5pm, with the line jumping as many as 6 points toward the Spartans.  The current odds have MSU giving 3.5 to the Blue for tomorrow’s tilt:


USA Today posts the shifts in the line here, and it looks like it started last night with one site moving the line to –3.5 at 5:53pm at most the rest moving the same way minutes later.   Hmmm…


The totals also dropped 3 points at this time from an aggregate of 57 down to 54.

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  1. USA Today’s line shift history is crummy.

    Covers is much more accurate and shows the more gradual nature of the line shift in the sportsbooks. The shift has been happening for a few days.

    Obviously still dispiriting for us, but points far more to “sharp money moving to MSU” than some of news about Tate Forcier being more hurt than assumed getting leaked to the books.