That game was so disappointing for obvious reasons. The Ann Arbor News used the terms bone-headed and bewildered to describe the Michigan defense’s struggles on Saturday and it fits. Juice Williams gave one of the best performances we’ve seen, up there with the Vince Young, Dennis Dixon and Donovan McNabb beat downs. If you didn’t know coming into 2008 that there’d be ups and downs, you learned it during the Utah game and it’s been that way throughout. Michigan ended the Wisconsin game on the highest high and when ball popped from Odoms’ hands on the kick-off right into the hands the orange, they hit a new low. A few take aways for me from this game:

* Many of our fans are annoying as hell. Proper conduct at games is a frequent topic over the past few seasons as folks have debated booing, whether and when to stand or sit during games, key plays, etc. I think there’s another behavior that’s worthy of critique.

I usually wear headphones to the game not only to look cool and listen to the broadcast, but to also block out the commentary and critiques by the people around me. I’m not saying people can’t talk or even shout how they are feeling but it’s over the top. How many times are you stuck in front of some clown that is talking garbage strategy or bitching the whole game? It destroys the game experience for everyone around. And the second guessing and bitching about players has got to stop, as if anyone in the stands really knows anything. Of course this all comes to a head in a loss like this but there you go. And who are you trying to reach from row 59? What would they do with your advice if they could hear it? How about writing your concerns on a piece of paper and handing to an usher–that’d be as effective and spare the rest of us the agony of suffering through your tired takes.

* Blood from the stone, but there were some good notes. Threet is getting better although I’m sure that’s lost of the mess that was yesterday’s game. He was pressured all day and the offensive line was worked over by the Illini. Odoms played a great game despite the fumble on the kick-off. And take away that fumble and we showed vast improvement on the return game actually putting the offense in good position a few times. Mesko is our best player, Ezeh was ominpresent.


  1. I agree with your take on Threet…I think he could be a good player….throws a nice ball.

  2. I’m in the MMB, and as you probably know we are down near the benches as it gets close to halftime. During the Miami game some guy would not stop shouting strategy at the bench, and the players were obviously annoyed. People don’t think about what how the things they do affect the team, but they should.

  3. Amen on the lack of fan(?) coaching ability. Unfortunately, there is a direct relationship between the absence of sports knowledge and vocal volume and inane repetition. In over 40 years of attending sports events, it hasn’t and will not change.

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