1. We haven’t lose since my sophomore year 01. The year before this touchdown catch.
    See you at the Mud Bowl. SAE by 3 scores and 2 broken noses.

  2. “Guy” – what an honor, thanks for stopping by, phi alpha alakazee

  3. nice Beastie Boy reference!

    BTW I thought the Lion sits at the foot of Minerva, but what do I know?

  4. Dools,

    We could have a old-timers game versus the present guys. As long as we have K’s, there is no stopping us.

  5. Codename for K’s…Mr. Sandman

  6. I was just reminiscing about Mudbowl this morn. Phi Delt’s MLB got “jacked up” on a 2 point coversion try. . . .Good times!!

  7. K’s – best ever. I just remember that guy falling to his knees Platoon Style. Out cold. So awesome.

  8. Too bad we don’t have any footage/photos of the one and only [brawl-a-minute] Pledge Bowl.

  9. Four frogs…out.

  10. What time is the game on Saturday?

  11. I hear noon