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My sister-in-law posted this and I like it.  Worth a quick read, especially if you don’t know a lot about Type 1:   You cannot cure Type 1 with diet.  It is not caused by eating sugar, being overweight or a living a sedentary lifestyle.  Here are more:

type 1 facts

Folks occasionally ask how they can help support this site.  Here’s a big way:

This Saturday August 4, 2012 my family and I return to the MSU campus for this year’s JDRF walk to cure diabetes.  Yes, this event is in Spartan Country but this is not an green and white cause–in fact you may know that Bo Schembechler participated in the Ann Arbor JDRF walk and was a big advocate of diabetes research and education.   I know Coach Hoke is a supporter as well.

I learned about this horrible disease when my nephew Jack was diagnosed at age 3.  If you covetedjugwant a sense for what life is like with Type 1, watch this short video that Jack helped put together.

Last you help me raise over $2000 for JDRF and many got their name on the covered MVictors Jug.   Given that it’s the 50th anniversary of the coveted GO BLUE banner, those who support this year will get their name (optionally, of course) on the MVictors banner.

All this said, I need some air cover.  Here’s how you can help me:

Donate something and you’ll adorn the coveted MVictors JDRF GO BLUE banner. 

    Thank you! Go Blue!


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  1. Nice job Greg. Should have lots of Spartan footbal players this year.


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