The athletic department swung open the Michigan Stadium gates today for premium seating tours.  A big thanks to Mike for forwarding these over.

Looks like they are putting the final touches on the placement of the new turf.  Either that or they hired a Buckeye engineer to line up the letters in the endzone.  Or the theme of the 2010 football season will be “Football is Goofy, right?”:


Wide angle view from some of the club seating, east side.  Not bad:


And the club concourse, very nice and note with the widebody chairs suitable for fans young and old and thankfully, even Jedi Masters!  Somebody gets it!



  1. I believe the correct term is “fat people chairs”.

  2. Those are chairs for Jake Long and other huge Michigan greats to sit in comfortably

  3. Brandstatter can even fit in those chairs.

  4. Is it me or is the Michigan in the endzone a bit off?

  5. At least they will be comfortable while watrching RR lose….

  6. It was nice of Tate Forcier to pose for that picture.

  7. I remember [seeing] nice glass and steel press boxes on the proposal website. Now I see nothing but blue. I have no problem with blue but there is too much of it. Looks ugly and unfinished.