A few takes across the board from the trip to South Bend.  

  • First off, most ND fans are very courteous and to me, it’s just a pleasure to go down there for games in this rivalry.  I love the trip and it’s a big reason I’m firmly behind continuing the contract with the Irish.
  • One thing that does suck about the trip is the Turnpike.  It’s not so much the concern of paying the tolls—it’s getting through the tollgates.  On the return trip the wait to get onto I-69 north was like 20 minutes+ at 10 PM. 
  • Going from the press box (with laptop, phone, TV and Fan Vision nearby) to sitting in Notre Dame stadium was quite a shock.  My cell phone didn’t get any reception (then died trying) and with a scoreboard that basically shows time and score.  I had no idea what happened to Crist and then rumors started to circulate around the crowd that he was poked in the eye.  Someone even joked he should wear an eye patch. 
  • Above is a shot when the sun came out at the end of the game—I think there were about five minutes left when the clouds broke.  I haven’t seen the telecast yet but I hear they got really sappy with their description of the scene.   It was pretty bizarre.  I was wondering why I lugged my sunglasses into the game but had to throw them on for the final few minutes.
  • The Irish band didn’t do Michigan any favors on their depiction of the United States:


  • Consistently-styled cheerleader signs are going to have to wait until Coach Weis is paid off:

    no go

A few thoughts on what I saw from the stands:

  • Tate won the best teammate award.  He was listening in on every sideline huddle, patting guys on the butt, clearly being Mr. Team.   I maintain that we’ll need Forcier at some point in the coming weeks in a competitive game so I hope he keeps his head in this.
  • You’ll have to trust me but don’t get too down on what you saw of Will Hagerup—he can boom it.  He’ll get it together.  I don’t know what to tell you on the kicking–I think it’s going to be a rough go all season.
  • While Denard’s been off the charts, how about the receivers?  They are catching just about everything that comes their way, even in traffic, and Odoms is so confident out there.  
  • I know we had a lot of mistakes, beyond the poor punting and kicking.  But I never get the sense this or any of the Rodriguez teams are undisciplined.  For instance, when is the last time they had too many or too few guys on field? 
  • I don’t get Kelly going for the end zone on the last play of the first half. 
  • Love this video, (HT: mgoblog):


  1. I agree wholeheartedly about the ND fans. Last time I went was in 2002 so I didn't remember a whole lot about the trip, but it was refreshing to not be constantly harassed like I am in EL or would be in Columbus. Campus is awesome and the fans were all very nice.

  2. I am absolutely loving Odoms right now. He hasn't been great for yards-after-the-catch, but he is 100% reliable to get open and to catch every ball that is thrown in his direction.

  3. I was sitting right about where you were, but on the other side of the 50 ( That was my first trip to Notre Dame and the fans around us were all pretty gracious. (There was one steely-eyed old man who REALLY hated Michigan and when their comeback started would make it a point to turn around and stare at me when he was yelling about how they were going to win and this was their house, but besides that everyone was cool.) The worst fan around us was, regrettably, the M fan next to us who didn't quite grasp the concept of winning with class.____The atmosphere before the game was pretty terrible, but I am guessing that was due in large part to the weather. The lot at Holy Cross was "no alchohol, no open flame," so nothing was going on there

  4. Damn. Fail on the comment there. Not sure what happened. There was more, but it's lost in the aether now…

    The important part was "Go Blue!"