Get excited. I don’t care if the Irish are struggling and Michigan punts 13 times. History matters and it’s going to be awesome in South Bend in the rain and thunder.

This is going to happen every year until at least 2031, so shape up:

Legends of the Recruiting Trail 2031

Running out of Ticket artwork ideas by 2031

See you in South Bend tomorrow, chumps. Thanks to Kelley and Brendan (Irish sounding fellows, no?).

Coach Weis bobblehead


  1. Did you say rain? That changes everything…. If I’m not mistaken, the last UM/ND game to be played in crummy weather (or at least the last one I attended in crummy weather) was the 1991 classic with the epic Elvis to Desmond TD pass audible on 4th and inches. Maybe the weather wasn’t too crummy, but it sure was fun:

  2. have fun in South Bend. Make sure to stop at Corby’s and the Linebacker!

    Go Blue!