10. November 2006 · Comments Off on It’s Official: Required Donations for Big House Tickets · Categories: Archive 2004, Fans, Michigan Stadium, Pre-Season, Tickets

Beginning in 2005, premium seat holders will pay $115-$500 per ticket
In what is being called a “preferred seating program”, starting in 2005 the M will start peppering folks with premium seats with up to $500 per seat. Even Endzone seats will be required to fork over $50 per ticket. This is expected to raise an additional $9.5 million each year.

Athletic director claimed that if they didn’t institute the required donation they’d have to cut eight sports (right). Folks who don’t want to pay the donation will have the option to move their seats to a place where they aren’t required to plunk so much cash. 80% of the “donation” will be tax deductible.

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