Jamie Morris calls WXYT
Jamie Morris called into the Sports Inferno with Terry Foster and the underrated Mike Valenti and they posted a podcast of the interview today. Here’s a link to the full audio (10 minutes), here are some of the specific quotes from Morris:

On Harbaugh:
“Everybody throws stones at this school.”
“These comments were geared at Bo.”
“If Bo was alive today he’d of got on a plane and whooped Jimmy’s butt. Because that’s not true…what he said about Michigan.”
“He said ‘it’s not about Bo.”
“If you’re man enough to say those comments, you should have said it when Bo was alive.”
When Morris called Harbaugh…”He wanted to focus on the 38% graduation rate.”
“He used to have a contact here at the Athletic Dept., but obviously he doesn’t anymore.”

On Hart..
“Mike Hart feels the same way about his school that every other man should feel about his school.”
“…he felt Jim Harbaugh crossed the line.”
“He wanted Jim Harbaugh to hear him.”
Interesting, Morris admitted that Hart’s comments were “not classy”. Agreed.
“Michigan goes as Mike Hart goes.”

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  1. IMO, Coach Carr & anyone on the current M team should have had no response to Harbaugh’s comments. The perception may be that they protest too much….hmmmm.

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