Just posted on Lost Letterman, former two-time captain and All-American linebacker badass Jarrett Irons posted quite of few thoughts/recollections from his dinner in Chicago with Rich Rodriguez this summer.  A few favorite outtakes:

He’s a down-home, cool guy. Obviously, he’s got that drawl. He’s a man’s man. He’s cool, and he loves football, and he loves to talk about it.

I love the drawl comment.  As in, “if you can get past that drawl…”.

On the new facilities and how it’ll affect recruting:

We talked about how recruiting these days is so hard because you have to have really nice facilities. Nowadays, kids are very, very impressionable by what the facilities look like.

He talked about how other schools have some nice stuff going on, and we had to upgrade. I’d seen most of it before. I haven’t seen the finished locker room, but he was telling me it’s very, very nice.

It definitely mattered to me when I was being recruited. But when I went to Schembechler Hall, it was relatively new. At that time, Michigan had some of the best facilities in the country.

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