So there’s been a bit of buzz about WTKA 1050AM’s part-time afternoon host Jeff DeFran and his self-described little rant last Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  DeFran read from a “prepared statement” which basically went off on Rodriguez, kind of Valenti-style for the 50+ crowd.

Here’s probably the most talked-about portion of the statement/rant:

“With the search committee already underway to replace [outgoing AD Bill Martin], how much longer will Rich Rod be around? The rumors, sources I talk to, three strong candidates [assume he means AD candidates] they already have their head coach.  They want to make their mark and bring in their head coach.   And maybe things are going to wait until the end of the NCAA investigation, which is next month [December], but, there is talk that that the university is negotiating with the NCAA to admit wrongdoing, self-imposed sanctions, and the deal is made with Michigan, not losing any bowl appearances if they’re eligible, maybe missing some more practices, a scholarship or two or something like that.”


“..then I think, once there’s a new AD ready to be hired and announced, Bill Martin will have to do the dirty work…these are what I’m hearing from strong sources, he’ll fire Rich Rod in January, the new AD comes in, Bill Martin’s a lame duck, and the new tenure of Michigan football will start.”

Here’s the audio:


I’m not a fan of Defran’s version of The Big Show, basically because I don’t really relate to him on any level.  I think his jokes are horrifying and I don’t think we’d be drinking buddies, etc.  FWIW.  I listen occasionally because of the subject matter but usually end up turning it off.

That said, I do give Defran some kind of credit here for not dancing around this, he comes out and he attempts to drill Rodriguez knowing he’s going to get blasted by most of the listeners.   Further, given the history of WTKA hosts allegedly being silenced or encouraged by the athletic department, it took some measure of balls.  He doesn’t seem the type just to say something to get attention.

I disagree with most of his opinions on this matter and some of it is just wrong (Mallett wasn’t “run off”).  But part of this Defran’s attempt to break an actual story from three sources, that Rodriguez will be canned in January.   On that part, I guess we’ll see.  If it doesn’t come to fruition and I think everybody would be very shocked if this did, Defran’s going to have to explain himself.

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  1. I think this guy is so pained by Michigan being bad that he can’t possibly have a happy life.

    awwwwww poor fella.

    also….”the spread offense has been figured out”?? Does he watch football?

  2. Defran is a hack. This whole process of being a fan is being ruined for me. I guess it is MY issue because I am letting all of the FOOLS who think the world is ending with UofM football get to me. The reason it is not fun anymore is because people who don’t have a clue feel like they can spout anything they want about the workings of this program. A program that is not as MIGHTY as they want to think. It has been said before on the blogs, but UofM has just been the guy behind the screen posing as the wizard for the last 5 or so years. DEAL WITH IT FOLKS. RR may very well lose his job next month or next year because the powers that be are not satisfied. And if this happens it will be the worst thing to happen to UofM football in decades. Take your emotions out of it and think about it. He is a proven winner. Who else on the market is a proven winner(from the ground up, not a coach who wins with others’ recruits) and would take this job? Yeah, exactly.

    This is my team and has been since my first game; Long Beach State in 1987. I am not trying to rally any troops with this comment, I am just saying that the Internet and radio are breading idiots who have no clue about how football programs work. When you have been IN a program and it has experienced many, many transitions please respond to me and I might take you serious.

    This is not so much about supporting RR as it is about getting rid of the idiotic culture we are in of MUST HAVE NOW people. I will support whoever is our coach because I love what UofM means to me but it is shame to run a person out without giving them more time.

    And spare me the NCAA allegations crap….they would not be present if said people were sane.

  3. “This is my team and has been since my first game; Long Beach State in 1987.” Yeah, that might have been uncalled for as I re-read it, but my point still stands.

  4. DeFran doesn’t know what he is talking about.

    Greg, like you, I have to turn off the Wed and Thurs show- Its unlistenble radio.

  5. Greg, he does deserve credit for not following the WTKA line and actually criticizing Michigan football. And I must admit I’m just as disappointed as he is with Rich Rod and the direction of the program (so far). But one of the most frustrating things I had to deal with in my business (advertising) was clients who pulled the plug on campaigns way too early i.e. if sales didn’t spike immediately we’d go back to what we did before, which really wasn’t working either but it was what the client was used to. That’s why I’m willing to give Rich Rod at least another season.

    DeFran reminds me of those clients I mentioned earlier. What he’s used to is a brand of football that can succeed to a certain level, but not on the national championship level (see Wisconsin, Michigan State). What he’s used to is an era when Michigan could hoard players, making other teams weaker. What he’s used to is 3-4 loss seasons, which by itself doesn’t look too bad. But put those seasons within the context of college football that year. I think you’ll find that those 3-4 loss teams put Michigan in the second tier of teams, which is why Michigan needed to change. No, Lloyd didn’t get dumber during his final years. It’s just that other coaches were getting smarter. I thought Rich Rod was one of those smarter ones. Hopefully he proves that he is.

    I too have stopped listening Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. It seems like all he does is complain about “society today” and how things were much better in the kind of good old days which never really existed except in the minds of people like Glenn Beck.

  6. Why would anybody give this guy credit for spreading what is almost undoubtedly a huge piece of BS? Can you imagine anyone who actually is a good source of information talking to him? When all he predicts doesn’t happen, will there be any repercussions? What a moron.

  7. Defran reminds me of that guy you work with that you try to avoid. I cannot listen to this guy.

  8. Gentlemen:

    You must take action. Get rid of Rich Rod today. He has proven he can’t coach, he’s proven he’s got no charachter when he blamed Lloyd and knifed his alma mater in the back.

    Buckeye Nation implores you:

  9. I ask this question genuinely: Is Defran someone who can credibly claim to have three strong sources in the administration? I’m not in the WTKA listening area and know nothing about him.

    I know everyone wants to dismiss out of hand scenarios along the lines of what Clay Travis and Defran are describing, but if Michigan has decent lawyers, I guarantee that for-cause termination on the basis of any negative NCAA findings (not just major violations) has been explicitly presented to the key decisionmakers as a lawful option. It may not be desirable and it may be unlikely, but it’s crazy to dismiss the idea as crazy.

  10. @CN. There should be no debate among key players if they want to terminate RR for violations — it’s in his contract! Clauses regarding conduct are found throughout the document but section 2.05 specifically cites termination.

    It would cost U-M nothing to get rid of RR… other than national embarrassment, the 1-7 record to rivals, hosting all those recruits a couple of weekends ago on their visits while people from that school down south took over our stadium, or the share of the buyout Michigan has paid to West Virginia.

    Whether one likes RR or not, whether one likes Defran or not, one thing is undeniable (and Defran was right on the money), you coach PLAYERS — NOT just the SYSTEM! This pass RR is getting regarding he doesn’t have “his” players is BS. If stagnant Lloyd Carr could run a spread against Florida then RR could make due with what he had the past two seasons. RR even said as much after the Capital One Bowl that he would tailor the offense to the personnel on hand. I think it’s accurate to say we haven’t seen that happen.

  11. Jeff DeFran with 3 solid sources. Now that’s funny. Guy is a complete turd. Station is unlistenable when he is on.

  12. Greg, I can’t listen to this knob either. I think he’d laugh at my 8 year olds jokes like it was coming from Richard Pryor!

    As far as RR goes, my biggest beef is that he doesn’t appear to be a real stand up guy (like my boy Rex Ryan). He needs to be a little better about just taking the hit and moving on. The way ole Suzie Creamcheese is being quiet leads me to believe RR won’t be around in January. I am only in favor of a change if we bring in a proven winner (like Kelly) that runs a similar style offense. We shall see.

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