There were rumors out there for a while, but it’s official. Jim Carty confirmed this afternoon that he’s leaving his position as columnist for the Ann Arbor News. I’m not sure how many details are public yet, but Carty is not moving to another paper–he’s taking on a different career altogether. More on Carty’s legacy coming soon.


  1. Good riddance…

  2. I think I heard that he’s going to law school.

    And I think he more than anyone deserves one of these:
    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh CYA!
    Chump! Dick! Wuss! Douchebag! Asshole! Prick! Cheater! Bitch! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOORE! SLUTTTTT! No-journalistic-integrity-piece-of-shit!

  3. I remember how surprised I was when I moved back here from Chicago 6 years ago to read someone in our small-town paper who didn’t pander to the University or the fans of its athletic teams. I may not have agreed with everything Carty wrote, but his articles were hands-down the most interesting and thought-provoking in the AA News sports section. It was nice to have my views challenged. He’ll be missed.