Update September 27, 2017:  Is the Rat Family returning on Friday September 29th?   Subscribe to the Jim Rome podcast on iTunes now!
Best Regards,
The Rat Family

I’ve heard a bunch of Jim Rome callers begging for the return of the old ‘Rat Family’ that Rome had posted on this website (jimrome.com). I believe Rome pulled the Rats sometime in 2001 or 2002 when they launched a new website.

Rome has softened up a bit in the last few years, probably a function of his age and the growth of his kids. Name calling based upon looks etc., has become a bit of taboo lately save certain celebrities such as Rosie O’Donnell (often referred to as Rosie O’Fat). Rome has said he’ll never under any circumstances bring back “Rome’s Favorite Rodents”. He won’t but I will. Here’s one of the last versions of the Rat Family preserved for the ages:

Jim Rome's Rat Family

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  1. Wore teh loosers at Stucknut.com,GO FUGGIN BLUE,welcome mvictors

  2. Hot topic today on Rome. The Rat Family returns? Any new faces?

  3. You’re missing Marshall Applewhite (Heaven’s gate leader) and Marv Levy look alike pics, from the original rat family. Thanks.

  4. Nice – Rome mentioned “that site that republished the Rat Family” today on his show. This obscure reference might be the best thing that’s ever happened to me

  5. Michigan Rules.

  6. I was the original clone suggestion Rome bringing back the rat family. Do you have the pages of the horse family? And to the post earlier, Marv Levy and Marshall Applegate were part of the “twins family”. A couple of the others were lisa lobo and mr ed and mark mcgwire and the lead singer of metalica.

    Webmaster: Dean, I’ll work on that

  7. Dude, the horse family…I love it. I am sure Elway was the patriarch of that family.

  8. Adam in Albuquerque

    Fantastic! Heard lots about this, and it lives up to the hipe. Look at the size of that thing Mr. Pavin is chatin’ into!! Same size as his melon.
    A few of the dudes (and maybe some of the ladies) here would make great inductees into the Mustache Hall of Fame!

  9. What u sayin about the sisters preditor, rome? You aint saying shit to ugly white girls but you are hard on the Williams sisters!

    Keep stickin up for homos, Romo.

  10. you should not do this

    You people make me sick. Rome said the Rat Family is gone and not to bring it up, so you dont bring it up. got it punks. Your all from the dork family.

  11. i know the horse family also consisted on dee snyder and sarah jessica parker

  12. Marv Albert????

  13. Tim Skubick

  14. Where’s Willie McGee ?