jon_falk_michigan - longtime equipment manager 
Gotta love the ‘97 ring.  In case anyone has any questions, “big Jonny” flashes the hardware

If you missed this, now you got it.  Longtime U-M football equipment manager Jon Falk started working for Bo Schembechler in 1974 and knows where all the bones (and jugs) are hidden, and has stories to back it up.  He’s got a book coming out this August titled If These Walls Could Talk (you can pre-order) and joined Ira Weintraub and Sam on 1050AM WTKA’s live show from practice yesterday afternoon.

Here’s the audio:

 Natural Enemies 

Thanks to Ira for having the audio reposted

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  1. FYI… Amazon is taking pre-orders for “If These Walls Could Talk”. Due to ship between 3 and 8 September.