This blogger rejoices over the news tonight.

So does this guy (below).  That’s Louis J. "Doc" Cooke, longtime Minnesota administrator who started Little Brown Jug rivalry by suggesting the teams play for the crock in 1909:

cook 30s 40s

If you’re not ready to rejoice, take in the entire Little Brown Jug lore series:

Part I: What Really Happened in the 1930s
Part II: Spinning Myths
Part III: Getting it Right
Part IV: 2013: A Space Quandary
Part V: Red Wing Roots
Part VI: Is the Greatest Trophy in College Sports a Fake?
Part VII: Open Questions


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  1. Wolverine In Exile

    Let the analysis begin…. how many more years now since we play every year will the original jug be good for tracking scores? Will we have to start adding on earthenware tiers a la the Stanley Cup? Enquiring minds want to know

  2. slow down the photos, they are great, but cant get a look at them, drives you nuts (unless I'm missing something, maybe you can click on something to make them jump less quickly)