Getting tired of all the jug stuff?  Too bad!  This morning Ira Weintraub of WTKA 1050AM invited me and Ryan Forrey, the master potter at The Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield Village to the Michigan Insider radio show to talk some hardcore jug.

Listen to these two segments and you’ll qualify for a bachelor’s of Jugology:


Read all of these posts of Little Brown Jug Lore for your PhD.  

Also check out pieces in this month’s Ann Arbor Observer, GoBlueWolverine Magazine, and my small contribution to John U. Bacon’s great piece in the wonderful LS&A Magazine for some extra credit. 


  1. First Boub and now a discussion about Jug(s). I’m sensing a trend here… ;)
    Seriously, keep up the great work. I love your blog.