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It’s official: it’s updated and it’s safe until 2017:

Cheers to the great local artist Jil Gordon and her handiwork (more at TrueBlue365) this morning inside Schembechler Hall.  Also thanks to the new keeper of the jug, U-M equipment manager Brad Berlin (with Jil below).


Photo Nov 09, 9 41 04 AM

Photo Nov 09, 9 42 50 AM

Go Blue!


  1. Am I missing something, or is the score being recorded as 29-26?

  2. Justin Lisiewski

    29-26, not 49-16. You missed something!

  3. Greg- Any idea who is the Minnesota version of Jill G? Whoever it is doesn’t get much practice with The Jug —and let’s keep it that way!

  4. Looking at those 1970s scores . . . what on Earth happened in the ’77 game to cause our Rose Bowl-bound team to get blanked?

    • Per Ufer, Minny watered down the field to slow down our option attack,and we turned the ball over five times.

  5. Is there a reason why we don’t play Minnesota next season? I thought that was our protected crossover matchup…

  6. Looking at the final picture … there are two jugs? Is one a mock-up/decoy?