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Just heard back from Greg Kinney at the Bentley Library [who also contributed to the great book ‘Michigan: Champions of the West] on the unidentified player in the 1969 Michigan football team photo. He’s satisfied with our findings and as a good archivist, did a little confirmation on his own. Here’s what Mr. Kinney shared with me:

Thanks for the update on the 1969 football team photo. I’ve added Ed Woolley to the photo caption and roster database for 1969. He wore #96 and and that certainly appears to be the outline on his jersey in the 69 photo.

He was not listed in the numerical roster in the 1969 media guide but is in the alphabetical listing and bio section. He switched from defensive end to tackle for his senior year, but did not letter. He is not listed in the game program rosters either.

And in digging around site contributor Lew found this little ditty on Woolley, turns out his daughter was a member of the USA Field Hockey team. Here’s Abbey Woolley’s bio along with a salute to her dad whom she listed as the most influential in her athletic career, she added “He was a great athlete and a football player at the Univ. of Michigan.”

I pledge I will keep fighting for truth, justice and the Wolverine way. Here’s my original and follow-up posts on this topic. Finally, here’s the updated photo caption on the Bentley site:

Missing player found