At least as of this morning, the video I posted of the the mauling of Steve Kampfer at the Michigan-Michigan State hockey game last night seems to be the only one out there. Here’s a few stills in a little higher quality than the YouTube item:

Conboy and Tropp zero in on Kampfer

Conboy gives Kampfer the old clothesline from behind

…and takes Kampfer down.

Tropp cocks his stick, but actually pulls back a bit

Then Tropp gets a look…

…and then takes a swing..

…and connects. Michigan immediately dispatches the team doctor

To Conboy’s credit, he appears to shove Corey Tropp with his right arm…

..and then pushes him away with his left

I’ve watched this over and over, Tropp’s in deep.


Blue Ice: The Story of Michigan Hockey


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  2. I think Conboy only pyshed Tropp cause he thought Tropp was a Michigan player about to kill him. Tropp also does the same to the ref. Both players were ready to fight.

  3. You guys should consider making your original video available for the AD to see. Its better than the TV feeds that I’ve seen. Maybe it can help bring justice to the situation.

  4. i agree with anthony, your frame-by-frame stills look much better than the youtube feeds i’ve seen so far..

    fuck state.

  5. Thanks for breaking this down. I saw the same thing.

    I watched the “attack” on FSN – and the two angles they showed were decent enough for the CCHA to make a ruling.

  6. This Kampfer seems like find of a “fawn” to me. Seems to be an easy target for aggressive actions.

  7. totally uncalled for. i hope suspensions are handed out.

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  9. This might be a rare situation where criminal charges are appropriate similar to McSorley/Brashear.

  10. I couldn’t believe what I saw when it happened, and it’s even worse now that I see it again. Unbelievable. Even more so with the referee in clear view of everything that transpired. Anything less than removing both players from the CCHA would be a dis-credit to the league itself. Respectfully, MSU should react and hold these two accountable prior to the CCHA taking action.

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  15. What if Steve Kampfer was in the ICU right now hooked up to a breather, would that change Diane Brown’s decision?

    Conboy and Tropp should be in jail right now?

  16. I’m an MSU grad living in NYC and a big fan of all MSU athletics (and hockey in general).

    Conboy should be kicked out for a few games at least – his hit was dirty, but not so unusual for a typical heated rivalry.

    Tropp, on the other hand, should be done for the season, if not longer. It was a disgusting, gutless play that has no place in this great sport. Or this great rivalry.

    Congrats on the season sweep, U of M. Maybe it makes that outcome last fall, and the beatdown the hoops team will be putting on you soon, a little easier to swallow.

    Go Green

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