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Want to get a little serious tomorrow with the Derby? I recommend this link on the official website that has the entire field. Click on a horse and you’ll be taken to you a page that has all the results, recaps and video of previous races. It’s perfect. It even includes details on the horse’s pedigree, recent workouts and observations from around the stables.

While I’ve been to a few thoroughbred races in my day and witnessed two Derbys, my handicapping skills are on par with throwing a dart. That said, scanning the video of a few horses I must say I was impressed by how the 4 (Court Vision) finishes races and this might make a good box candidate for you.

The current chalk Big Brown – 20 looks unbelievable in limited action and it’s tough to leave this horse out. The sentiment on the site blogs seems to be “sure, Big Brown could blow everyone away but he’s the favorite…” as if there’s a) a jinx, or b) it’s not cool to pick chalk.

From what I’ve seen, I’d look to box up 4 and 20 and maybe toss in 10.

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