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Check out the downfield blocking and note the tight spiral in the face of the rush 

A few details about the SAE Mud Bowl, which will happen prior to the Penn State game this year on October 24th.   Per a couple of true gentleman:

  • Kick-off of the game is planned for 11:30am.
  • SAE’s opponent in the fraternity portion will be finalized next week, as the tournament used to determine the opposition is incomplete.  As of last night the remaining teams included Fiji, Theta Chi (who need to complete a semi-final game) and Phi Psi.
  • For the ladies, the squad representing Kappa Kappa Gamma will face a partnership of the sororities of Alpha Phi and Delta Delta Delta.  Get this– this joint team is a result of a punishment put down by the Greek council (Panhel) thanks to bad blood between the sororities due some to teasing, taunting, tattling and other nonsense between their chapters.  My suggestion of a pillow fight to settle this was quickly shot down. 

More than 1,400 students have confirmed on a Facebook events page they plan to attend a 3 p.m. protest march from the center of campus to Ann Arbor’s city hall, defending their right to tailgate on game day.

"This is for the party animals, the passer byers, the fans and our guests!" reads the invitation sent out to more than 5,000 students on Facebook.

Lighten up, A2!