A quick interview with former Michigan badass LaMarr Woodley on contributor Lew’s favorite show, ESPN Radio’s Tirico and Van Pelt. As expected Tirico dropped a few Michigan references in there. A few things they covered:

* On the upcoming battle with the Ravens, and what he’s expecting to see out there.
* On Joe Flacco’s progress. (He’s getting better, he’s making big time plays).
* On the legacy of the Pittsburgh defense and how the veteran players continue the tradition.
* Van Pelt asked him if he felt a link and responsibility to the former Steeler teams. Woodley says yes, you represent the guys that used to be because he’s thinks the Steelers lose, the former players feel they lost too. Woodley illustrates this by saying, “We acted that way when Michigan was playing this year. They go out there and lose a game I felt like I lost, because you were a part of that.”
* Then he almost gets killed by another car or something, and they end the interview. Seriously.


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  1. ‘Bout time Ann Arbor’s own Mike Tirico got a plug here! WTKA ought to line him up for a regular call-in spot.