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foote Former Michigan badass and current Detroit Lion & Barwis disciple Larry Foote joined Jim Rome today.  In the first part of the interview he discussed the Lions’ victory over the Redskins…but I jump right to Foote talking about the Michigan State game this week and the rivalry. 
Rome questions him on the Free Press allegations (Foote is apparently pals with Mike Rosenberg) and Foote offers his perspective.



  • “I’m excited what’s going on in Ann Arbor.”
  • “You see the license plates all over town, the S on everybody’s license plate, these green shirts and it just makes me sick.”
  • “They know they’re like our little brother and they don’t like that.   They know they’re second to us.  But it’s been like that for a lot of years now and those guys don’t like it.”
  • “This game’s always a trap game because they always come out…we just need to match their intensity.”

And for your mixtapes, here’s Foote with his legendary “Go Blue, and Michigan State ya’ll always gonna suck” from 2008:

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