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Jim Carty made his last call into WTKA this morning, at least for the summer very possibly for good.  It seems his new “regular” life in law is taking quite a hold.  From Carty’s site Paper Tiger No More:

As a result of the internship, I told the fellas at WTKA last night that I’m saying farewell to our weekly Monday morning spot. There would likely be times my responsibilities to the court would interfere with a regularly scheduled gig, and I don’t want to be either juggling both or repeatedly bailing on WTKA. Today will be the last appearance at least for a while (link here when available).

We’re saying it’s for the summer, but I think it might be for good. It always feels a bit odd to be introduced as “former Ann Arbor News sports columnist Jim Carty”, and it’ll get weirder in a few weeks when there is no A2 News. Although I very much enjoy the spots and love the guys, it’s always better to leave early than late. I’m not sure how much I’ll bring to the table as time goes on, and my interests at this point are truly much more oriented toward the law than sports.

It’s a loss.   Of course the morning show will survive without a segment or two of Carty each week but in the wake of the departure of the Ann Arbor News, JC’s perspective on the state of local and national journalism is worth a listen.  It’s why his blog has become a must-read.    Beyond that, though he has lived in town for many years now he always brought that outsider’s perspective to the goings on around the athletic campus (much like SI’s Richard Deistch over the past few months) which I always appreciated.

Here’s the audio from this morning’s call.  Sam, Andy and Carty discuss the Grady situation, the Griese/Hutchinson and now “Woodson” golf outing which raised a ridiculous $650,000, the genius of Carol Hutchins and more:


Interview with Jim Carty, three parts:

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