Kudos to another Buckeye fan who’s taken a run at constructing a LEGO Ohio Stadium:

Paul Janssen of Dublin used about a million Lego pieces to build the recently finished 8-foot-by-6-foot model, which has room for 6,000 Lego people.

Janssen says the project “took about 1,000 hours over two years.”  A couple nice photos of his masterpiece:



This version of the ‘Shoe puts the 2006 version constructed by another rabid Bucknut, (discussed here on MVictors) to SHAME.  It took twice as long for the ‘06 project and it stands just about a foot tall:

LEGO Ohio Stadium

It’s unconfirmed whether Janssen’s next “project” is to kiss a girl. (Of course this jab is coming from a man who has a piece of the Big Chill ice in his freezer). 

Anyway, a hearty salute from up North to Janssen and his efforts here but he’s clearly missing a few details, especially the goings on just outside the stadium:



And while he included bathrooms, he missed this critical slice of reality:



  1. Is "your add" supposed to be "your ad"? How can you get so many details right and then misspell a basic word?

    • Greg from MVictors

      On top of that, the suggestion that Ohio Stadium would be in need of advertisers to take up a big spot on the scoreboard — like an old billboard on a farm on I-75

  2. “Your add”. Wow. The Buckeye jokes just write themselves.

  3. "your add."

    Not only is it misspelled, but it took TIME and effort to misspell it. No fat-finger there.

    Or maybe, just maybe, he's a tennis freak who constantly loses at the game.

  4. I love that he took the time to put in a McDonald's ad, too.

  5. RE: extra-curricular activities: oh SNAP!

  6. I wish I could have done this for my degree.