Losing To Appalachian State
This one falls squarely on the coaches and in particular, on Lloyd Carr. The team was disorganized, confused and not ready to play this game. Check the film: the punt return team had 10 men on the field multiple times in the second half and it went unnoticed. There were several other situations where there were too few players on the field. This is on the coaches.

Shaggy from Appalachian State
Above you’ll find “Shaggy”, one of the great (and they were) Appalachian State fans that weasled their way into Section 22. You’ll note that the Shagman correctly noted the Mountaineers margin of victory in his right hand.

I remembered the Brookline Ryder Cup where we ‘US Americans’ made a stunning comeback and defeated the Euros on Justin Leonard’s putt. Many of the Brits leaving the Boston course offered a kind “Well done” to me and my buddies, clearly trying to rise above their disappointment. In similar fashion I offered a “well done” to an elderly woman & App State supporter as she walked to her car. She smiled and replied, “you have a lovely stadium.”

Yes, we have a lovely stadium. WE HAVE A LOVELY STADIUM!?

Just kick me in the giblets.

Beano Cook told ESPN radio that the App State kicker could “have” any woman in Boone, NC.

I’m still shocked, but let’s run down a few of the lowest moments I’ve witnessed in Michigan sports history. Yes, I actually saw these with me on eyes:
Rocket Ismail streaking twiceto the endzone in 1989. My first game as a Michigan student.
Chris Webber’s timeout against North Carolina in New Orleans 1993.
Kordell Stewart’s bomb sinks the Wolverines in 1994.
TJ Duckett’s catch that defeated Michigan in East Lansing in 2001.
– MSU beats Michigan in Ann Arbor, classic no-call on the two point conversion defending Desmond Howard.

Back to reality. This site didn’t make any predictions on the season but prior to the game I was thinking 10-2 or 11-1 regular season. At this point it is 8-4 with losses over, pick 3 more of your choice of: Oregon, Notre Dame, Penn State, Ohio State and just maybe…Michigan State? Why not? Someone explain to me how this season can be salvaged.

UPDATE: For more thoughts read Dropping the Baton, posted Sunday morning


  1. Lloyd Carr can not prepare the team for any opponents. He honestly is a terrible coach that cant even defeat App St with all of the talent on UM. I am officially embarrased as a UM fan and I and other fans I know, have decided not to watch any UM games this year until Lloyd Carr goes…and really the entire defensive staff is questionable. 105pts in the last 5 games…that is pathetic. It is going to be a long and sad year…UM now has the most embarrising loss in college football history attached to the name.. how much lower do we have to go..?

  2. Thank you Steve for not watching anymore games, real UofM fans would like to get rid of band wagon assholes such as your self! Lloyd Carr is a great coach and luckely the people who matter know this! Why don’t you jump on the Michigan State bandwagon…..we honestly DON’T need you.

  3. I honestly get sick of all the critisism from so called fans. When they are winning your all about it, but they lose once in a while your done! Here’s a tip when you are a fan you win and lose with the team you support. Key word SUPPORT. Don’t call yourself a fan if your gonna critisize the heart of the team. Lloyd Carr has a pretty good record, and he has done alot for the University of Michigan and all those players wouldn’t want to play without the coach that has done so much for them. I’m proud of those boys, they all are players and coaches that deserve that much. They will do better next week, they always do. They have the rest of the season to make all who doubt them eat thier own words, thats how we roll.

  4. It is people like Correy that worry me. I call a spade a spade and don’t live in the land of make believe. Lloyd Carr has all of the talent any coach can want but his abilities have to come into question. With all of the history and legacy of this great program, it must be protected at all cost and mediocrity CANNOT be tolerated. With many talented players now going to smaller programs where they will be guaranteed the opportunity to play, Michigan must be proactive in how it handles this situation. This has been in the works for many years (recall San Diego St., Ball St., Northern Illinois) and the program has always been bailed out by talent and prestige. This will no longer get the job done. Michigan has become too predicable and everyone knows that if you spread them out with 3-4 receiver sets and have a mobile QB, the Michigan defense will have a hard time stopping them. How long has the kicking game been an issue? Sure Rivas finally started making extra points, but that was way too late. Lloyd Carr is compensated over 1 million per year to protect the winning tradition here in Ann Arbor. Anything less than that calls for a new coach. Face the facts and snap back to reality Correy, Michigan is not what it used to be but still has the opportunity to get back there if we are PROACTIVE and not REACTIVE!! THis program was not built by Lloyd Carr but it can cerainly be compromised by him. I am guessing that Correy voted for our current president George W. despite the reality that he didn’t get the job done in his first term. Wake up!! Lloyd Carr is not a bad person but the program deserves a better coach! It is as simple as that. As a fan you are supposed to support your team but not necessarily ignore glaring weaknesses that jeopardize taint the rich tradition. Would you be a fan at all if Michigan had the tradition of Central Michigan? Michigan is Michigan and needs to remain just that.. Michigan. Mediocrity will not be tolerated. Wake up!!!

  5. Correy, this was such a colossal failure of leadership, that combined with the pitiful performances against top teams in the last few years and calling for a new direction is not a sign of a lack of faith but one of common sense. A new direction is needed

  6. I heard Michigan is dropping out of the Big 10 and joining The Ivy league.

  7. That was the most pathetic display of coaching I have ever seen come out of Ann Arbor! Cut our losses now before we start the Big Ten schedule. We are the laughing stock of D1A football. This loss will follow us forever. Thanks coach.

  8. As a avid Ohio State fan I somewhat have mixed emotions on todays game, obviously I enjoy seeing Michigan come up short but this does leave a black eye on the Big Ten, not only did we (Michigan, Ohio State, etc…) come up short in the bowl games last year but this simply gives more fuel to the fire for people who believe the Big Ten is overated. My prediction now for the year for Michigan is they will go 9-3, beat Ohio State and win their bowl game (wherever it may be) and I ask Michigan fans would you be happy with that? or would you rather be like last year and go 11-1, lose to Ohio State and also lose your bowl game?

  9. Can’t we muster a guy that can kick a FG at least to the goal line? Why the hell was Hart out most of the second half? He was the only guy that showed up today. On those 2 missed FGs and 2 pt tries M would have been better off just handing Hart the ball.

  10. As fans we should all be embarrassed of what happen yesterday. I think it is time for Lloyd Carr to step down on his own. His tenure as Head Coach started off amazing and is starting to tail off so I believe he should step down gracefully instead of being forced out. The hardest thing for me to understand about yesterday’s lost is that why would we schedule the best Division 1-A team instead of Central Michigan, Western Michigan or Eastern Michigan. The AD should share in the blame of this lost.

  11. I want to start off by saying I am an Ohio State fan. As much as I like the thought of Lloyd steering this Michigan team for another 10 years, even I think he must go. That was the worst defeat in the history of College football…Inexcusable! I can’t wait to see this team crumble this year…Can you say 8-4? or dare I say 7-5?

  12. Michigan fans: in the midst of any anger, embarassment, etc. that you may be feeling understand that there are many D 1A coaches and fans that are secretly relieved THEIR team wasn’t playing Appy State. OK, as a Gator fan I enjoyed my moment of schadenfreud but the Gator nation lived through an entire season of Appy States in 1979 (0-10-1) and survived and prospered. Rally around your team, get a new coach if necessary, and good luck for the rest of the season.

  13. I cannot imagine a better start to a season that watching the holy, god-like institution of Michigan football go down in flames to a division 1AA team at home (except, possibly, it happening to Ohio State too). It gives me hope to know that coaching and character can still trump money and name-brand power occasionally.

  14. As an Ohio State fan I’m loving this humiliation of Michigan. As a Big Ten fan I am disturbed and concerned that once again the Big Ten is made to look like fools…..

  15. Terrible loss, yes. But try and keep things in perspective. This team still has a chance to win the Big Ten, beat OSU, and win a BCS bowl. For anyone out there who is claiming they won’t watch another game until Lloyd is gone, please feel free to contact me at app2105@columbia.edu. I would love to have your tickets to the games.

    Go Blue!

  16. Some people might call me a fair weather fan but after 10 years of sitting in yellow $hit storms it is only common sense that brings you inside. I am a U of M Alumn so I’m not jumping on any other bandwagon, but I don’t think I’ll be watching any U of M games until Lloyd retires or gets fired (for the sake of the school reputation, please step down Lloyd). As far as the comments from other Big Ten fans and or students on this, you might want ease back on the insults considering you haven’t played Michigan yet. It’s like ripping on a guy for getting beat up by a girl and then getting your a$$ kicked by that guy. I won’t be watching but I guess we’ll see who is right soon enough.

    Bye Lloyd.


  17. Everybody needs to relax and consider thier is 12 more games to go, sure losing this game was an embarresment, but whos to say those players werent ready Saturday morning and fell apart after the Apps scored. Lets not forget what a young defense this really is, I would much rather lose right now than late in the season when you cant climb back up in the polls. And lets give a liitle credit where its due, App State practiced hard and played thier A**** off and HEY they arent a BAD team. Go BLUE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  18. Correy, there is NO Michigan State bandwagon. MSU fans bleed green and white no matter what, even through our many many many seasons of disappointment. True fans follow and support a team no matter what (you are right on that) even though we have every right to explain how we would have done it better (isnt this normal?). So, I agree with you on all your comment but the MSU bandwagon statement. MSU fans are great. We fill the stadium no matter what. On another note, when was the last time that Northwestern and MSU were 2-0 and Michigan was 0-2? Sweet.

  19. What is sad is that we Michigan fans are acting like those Stupid OSU fans. They have the largest bandwagon fan base in the country and with a disappointing start we are not over! National title gone yes, Big Ten title No! we True Blue Michigan Fans Still BELIEVE! Everyone is screaming Fire Lloyd Carr, Fire Ron English, Well if you are who you claim to be MICHIGAN FANS then why don’t you start firing the Michigan team up to let them know They still have a strong united front!!! and we call ourselves The Michigan Faithful GO BLUE KICK SOME ASS

  20. Well, reading and “shiffing” through all the blogs, one thing is apparent, we should have never lossed that (app. state) game. It does come down to the coaches. I have followed Lloyd through his tenure as head coach and like every coach, he has his flaws. He will and always does over come adversity. I guess the loss to Oregon was a “i’m feeling bad still from the loss against the mountaineers”. But they have shown they can battle back since those 2 losses. I have season tickets and said that no matter what happens, I would still go through the agony with them. And to all you RAIDER NATION wanna be’s, the fuckeye nation, I’m gald you’re #1 in the AP polls, you’re undefeated and haven’t played anyone yet. I smell an upset coming up when the old coach from Cinci brings his team in, good luck, hope you don’t burn the city down after your crying eyes dry. I’m not a real sparty fan, but any team from michigan that beats up those columbus bastards is very, enlighting…GO BLUE AND WHOOP THE BIG-10!
    P.S. To all the Bucks, STAY THE HELL OFF OUR SITE, and you better have the bird cage strapped on when you visit ann arbor this year!

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