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I waded through the audio of Rick Leach in studio at WTKA 1050AM this week and boiled it down to a eleven noteworthy clips, each about a minute, give or take. You can download all the clips here for your 2009 road trip and tailgate mixtapes.

Here you go. Be patient, the clips need to download for you to hear them. Oh, and is it me, or does Leach have a borderline WWE voice?

On the Les Miles hire and some of the “garbage” that went on:

When Don Nehlen called Leach and what that meant to him:

Contrasting Michael Rosenberg’s perspective, on how Bo would support Rodriguez:

Click here for the rest of the clips:

On how the cupboard that Lloyd Carr left was bare:

Briefly on Boren and on swearing:

On the challenges of a transition period:

On Lloyd Carr’s silence:

On how Bo used to call him ‘Dumbass’ constantly during his freshman year:

His impressions on the field before the MSU game this year and the look in Rich Rod’s eyes:

Taking a shot a Mitch Albom, and how’s he’s officially not welcome back to Ann Arbor:

On media types [bloggers?] who’ve never had the balls to strap on a jock and line up and hit someone, man:

Billy Dufek called in during the last segment and dropped this excellent call:

Michigan Quarterback Rick Leach [a retrospective SI piece in 1996]
Lloyd Carr reacts to Leach comments (kind of)