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SI.com started off the non-stop parade of year end lists, starting with its ‘2008 Turkeys of the Year‘. The lead bird? Coach Rodriguez:

We’re all for moving up. But you signed a long-term deal in West Virginia, bolted for Michigan less than a year later and then tried to back out of paying the price? And now, after the worst year ever in Ann Arbor, you knuckle-slap the fans? Maybe it’s you that ought to be looking for a life, Rich.

Again with the worst ever? And the get a life thing is being recklessly run through the media with few bothering to discuss the context and to whom it was directed (ridiculous fans spewing hate who need to get a life). I hear Rich Rod might just clam up next year and not be so open with the media. Would you blame him?

Memo to SI: It’s not cool being such a jive turkey so close to Thanksgiving.

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