I popped over to the stadium for a few minutes to get a flavor of the action and the scene.


  • Achtung!  Media relations announced that they have CLOSED both golf courses tomorrow due to the weather.   Fend for yourselves!
  • mgoblog’s game preview is up.  Check out The Only Colors for the Spartan preview if nothing else for the photo that leads off the post.
  • I ran into the pyrotechnic crew (at least a dozen guys).   From the sound of those cats, it’s going to be pretty good.  If-Dwight-Scrute-were-in-charge good.
  • Tune into WTKA 1050AM for the pregame show.  I’ll be doing a Big Chill edition of This Week in Michigan Football Hockey History.  It involves life, death, ice and you might even from Red Berenson in the middle of the segment.  And here it is:
  • FWIW – I’ll likely be in the Victors Lounge tomorrow if you have the means.

A few photos for you, enjoy.  It was beautiful out there around lunch time:

End Zone View

Blue Line
A view of the Blue line from one of the benches

Free Skate

North End Zone

Photo Deck Zamboni

South End Zone

Refrigeration in Exexcelsious deo

Student Section
From the student section


  1. Is that white tent going to be there tomorrow? I will be sitting directly behind it if it is. That will not be at all fun.

  2. The way the snow is sort of, but not completely hiding the Michigan in the end zone is an awesome if wholly unintended effect of driving over it repeatedly with Gators and the like.