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A few good posts from around the M nerdosphere and beyooooond:
* What Happened? MGOBLOG explains how Michigan hockey overcame the dismal preseason projections to end up the #1 seed and in the Frozen Four. BC also has a few nice photos including my favorite here.

* More on Michigan’s win over Clarkson:
Hoover Street breaks the game down into tiny little pieces.

* BYE, BYE No. 1 : Sport Illustrated’s Vault reaches back to 1969 into the aftermath of Bo’s greatest win, one of the most popular retro reads on SI right now.

* Family Matters to Rodriguez : Bruce Feldman’s blog on ESPN.com. I’ll save you some time:

Having been around the Michigan program for the past four days, I got the feeling that the Boren comments have been shrugged off by a lot of players, who have really appeared to buy into the new regime. In truth, it actually seems to be the opposite of that, where guys who have been in the program for years have been invigorated by the spirit Rodriguez and his staff have brought.

* Rodriguez on WTKA. MLive has Coach Rod from this morning:

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