The ‘Angel of the Big House’, of course Angelique Chengelis of the Detroit News, graced WTKA 1050AM this morning.  She discussed a variety of topics with Sam and Ira, from the EMU game, the challenges on defense, her expectations for the season vis a’ vis her preseason predictions.  She finished with a plug for her new book, 100 Things Michigan Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die.

Here’s the audio:

Pick up ‘100 Things Michigan Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die’ here at


Update: Thanks to reader Exploding_monkeyface for noticing this. Compliments of the online smear campaign against Michael Rosenberg, check out the tags suggested for Angelique’s new book:



  1. Exploding_monkeyface

    The suggested tags on that book are great!

  2. Ms. Chengelis should have used a real Michigan helmet for the cover photo instead of a cheaply made replica.

    The real helmets are not blue inside, they are yellow. The blue and maize are painted over the yellow shell.