hatch and munson

On the eve of the Saturday’s great battle for the Little Brown Jug I swung by WKTA 1050AM for segment this morning.  We talked all things jug—history, what to do with the scores, and so much more.

We even had a special call from Jil Gordon, the artist who paints the scores of the crock if Michigan wins.  (Above that’s Oscar Munson on the left, the man who found the jug in 1903, and on the right longtime Michigan equipment manager Henry Hatch).

Here’s the audio from this morning:


Go Blue!  Retain the Jug!

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  1. Greg,
    how long has Jill been painting the scores on the jug? is she another Russ Hawkins?
    thanks. Brian

  2. @Brian S
    Yes, she’s a Russ Hawkins of sorts! Sounds like she’s been doing it since the 1970s, but I’ll find out that and much more next week

  3. Would it be feasible to simply complete the space that is available and stop there? A new jug would be made to closely resemble the existing jug which could be used to begin a new series of numbers. The trick would be that the teams actually play for the real jug and the trophy that is hoisted post-game would be the real thing.

    You get to continue a tradition steeped in American football history whilst satisfying a need for more space. And if you really think about it for just a moment you realize that the only thing better than one little brown jug is two little brown jugs. It just makes sense.