Live Chat is done – thanks for all who joined and participated. 

[Ed. December 3 -  I’m getting a lot of traffic on this post due to Josh Groban-gate so I re-added the replay of the live event.  Yes, I rip on the Groban thing in the live blog and found it odd.  But I will say this: Rich Rod gave a great speech before that and probably should have left it at that.  It was passionate & heartfelt and he came off to me as humbly stating his desire to be a part of this family.]



  1. Is there a replay available?

  2. The entire Josh Groban song-thing has become national news and is subject of a much humor.

    I guess I can't blame Rich Rod. DB is not taking his phone calls or repeated email requests for clarity on his job, so Rich Rod takes his plea public.

    Think about it, if DB gave private assurances to R-Rod that he would be retained for next season do you really think R-Rod would have pulled that stunt last night? Of course not. DB has already replaced R-Rod and waiting until after Stanford's bowl game to announce it.

    Man are we going to be happy to see a Michigan coach that is tough. A man's man with strong-fatherly-guidance. A coach that's not going to be crying a river. Harbaugh will be a coach that will hold his players accountable and will make HIMSELF accountable to us fans.

    I can sacrifice one recruiting season in order to secure a real football coach for Michigan.

  3. Leaders need to be strong. Leaders don't choose banquets and tributes to the 85 team to politic emotionally for their own job. RR will tug at the hearts-and-minds of the kool-aid crowd which he already has… the fact is that it was a desperate tactic and much out-of-place at an event which should have been a celebration, and not a pathetic display of narcissism.

  4. I did listen to the speech. It wasn't entirely bad, but it was about 90% about RR, or about 88 percentage points too many. The biggest problem I see is his need, like Theodore Roosevelt's, to be the center of attention, at least in public. As for "Michigan man," people forget the context of Bo's statement. He had let Frieder go because he had signed a contract to coach for another University. To Bo a Michigan man was someone who was committed to working for the university at the time, not necessarily that he had been since infancy, as some people seem to think.