Coach Carr called in to support 1130AM WDFN in Detroit to support Stoney and Wojo’s radiothon. He shared his disdain for the Big Ten media day going on right now, and updated us all on his recent travels. He discussed his athletic prowess and that his golf game is catching up with his natural skills. Carr’s also enjoying catching up and spending more quality time with former players.

Things of course turned to Rodriguez and he was asked if he wished anything was done differently in the hiring. He paused, then hinted at some concerns about today’s coaching contracts but quickly said he was looking forward toward the team, their challenges this fall.

Carr admitted he has not read 1 pre-season magazine. Carr said he knows there are a lot of very good players coming back, and he thinks the attitude is solid and excited about the conditioning and thinks things will be many people “pleasantly surprised” by this team.

Much more in the 13 minute segment. I especially liked his final message for the radiothon hosts, enjoy:

I’ve also got audio from Angelique Chengalis and Jalen Rose below:

And later Stoney and Wojo were joined by former Fab 5’er Jalen Rose, who hit on a variety of topics from his program for Detroit youth, the legacy of the Fab 5 and the Pistons. He takes a shots at Ohio State and Michigan State. On the Spartans Jalen said, “..the kids that go to Michigan State from the state of Michigan are the kids that can’t go to Michigan.”:

Into the evening Detroit News Michigan beat writer Angelique Chengelis joined from Big Ten media day:


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