Part-time WTKA 1050AM radio host Jeff DeFran returned to the mic today.  In his show yesterday he revealed sources saying the athletic department is considering a deal involving Rich Rodriguez’s head in exchange for lighter NCAA sanctions.   The key clip from yesterday’s show can be heard here.

First the audio from today, DeFran reacts to some of the discussion about his story, particularly by Sam and Ira on the morning show.   Here’s about six minutes from the show open where he gets into it and explains his comments a bit further:


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    You can check out all of the WTKA podcasts here.


    1. It’s nice to hear Copey grow a pair. In the past, it seems that whenever he started to challenge Jeff, he would cower as soon as Jeff made a condescending comment. Today, it sounds like he didn’t back down. Jeff would not be a loss for the station. The only person who calls in that would be upset is Dave from Phoenix, and I wouldn’t consider him a loss.

    2. “I never say it was gonna happen…. it’s just talk”…

      So what this clown is doing, is channeling his inner Detroit Free Press.

    3. Dools, DeFran is a total tool. And this has nothing to do with his opinion on Rich Rod. The Dude can’t even talk about these topics, let alone run a radio show.

      He is so bad, the cat makes Mad Dog look like a good radio host!

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    5. I just emailed WTKA and let them know that I will no longer be tuning into the station when DeFran is hosting.

      It was difficult to listen to him before. He comes across as such a whiner and gave the impression that his opinions were more valid than the listeners.

      Thanks for rehashing the ignorant statements that DeFran is throwing out there.

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    7. DeFran has been bad-mouthing RR ever since he started on the air again at WTKA. I think it would have been much more professional for him to tell his story up-front about Bill Martin so that we, the listeners, would at least know why he has an axe to grind. By my moniker, you know what my bias is, and I don’t hide it; I a big Michigan fan. The fact the that he is offering this information about his relationship to Martin now, however, indicates that he has been pretty petty if this is what has caused him to take out his anger at RR (just because Martin hired him?). At any rate he doesn’t appear to be a “full disclosure” type of guy.

      But I really agree with Sam and Ira’s rebuttal that I heard today on WTKA. I don’t have a problem if he doesn’t like RR or doesn’t think he is the right guy for the job. What I object to is that he seems to be using his job on WTKA to make false, highly speculative, and/or unsubstantiated claims that, thus far, he can’t backup or get anyone else to publicly corroborate.

      I’m not sure that “Sparty Boss” at WTKA will be too concerned about this, unless of course, the ratings really start to tank in the afternoon. For me, the afternoon show is not nearly as good as the “Michigan Insider”, so I don’t listen to it as much. But, I have gotten into the habit of turning in on – listening a little bit – and then turning it off as soon as I hear that DeFran is on.

    8. defran is fail

    9. jeff knows sports he always has. and always will, I have know him since he collect baseball cards