Yikes.  While don’t think Jeff ‘SuperFan’ Holzhausen is going to abandon his uniform or cowbell anytime soon, the Michigan State loss caused SuperFan to blow a gasket that may be beyond repair:

I’m sick.  I’m disgusted.  I’m nasty and pissed off.

The honeymoon is over for me ladies and gentlemen.  Every coach compiles what I see as UNFORGIVABLE losses…and I will never…NEVER…forgive Rich Rodriguez or his staff for that absolute horsecrap game plan and team motivation…and team focus…and team execution.  Pathetic.  Rich Rod got a free pass in 2008 no matter how much that season killed me…SO COULD SOMEBODY PLEASE FREAKIN EXPLAIN TO ME WHY WE GET DOMINATED FOR MOST OF THE GAME BY A WEAK STATE DEFENSE AND WE SCORE MORE POINTS LAST YEAR WITH THREET AT THE HELM??? 

Fee pass over.  Honeymoon over.  I’m a TNT Popeye explodin’ motha right now folks…I takes all I’s can stands till I can’t stands no more.

I’m shifting SF from ‘All In’ to ‘Barely In’ on my fan tracker. 

Hang in there SF!


  1. While I know EXACTLY how he feels, I’m not giving up.

    Being a fan has a lot to do with expectations. If the team you’re supporting is living up to expectations, you’re (mostly) happy. If they’re falling short of expectations, you’re (mostly) unhappy. In the case of the UM/MSU game last weekend, I had mixed expectations. On the one hand, it’s obvious that UM is a better team than MSU, and should have won the game handily in regulation. On the other hand, all the intangibles were stacked against UM: their notoriously poor record over the years in their first road game, their mediocre record in East Lansing, and the fact that MSU would be as geeked as they can get. So, I was hoping UM would play up to their potential, and make the intangibles unimportant. Instead, the Wolverines played their worst game of the season (but not as bad as several games last season), and gave State just enough of an opening to sneak in and steal the win.

    Is the season over? Nope. Will UM lose a couple other “toss up” (road) games (Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin)? Yup, I’m afraid so. It’s tough to win on the road in the Big Ten. But, the key point here is that this young team is only going to get better, with a little more patience. Chin up, Super Fan; Michigan will be back, it’s just a matter of when.

  2. I’ll chalk that comment up to sarcasm, Drew. Other than Tate’s Elway-esque drive at the end of the game, Michigan’s performance was more reminiscent of last year than the 4 (really just the first 2) wins at the start of this season. Until we can play defense consistently and limit the 3 and outs, we’re going to struggle against Big 10 opponents. But getting back to the theme of this post, I worry about losing Super Fan and hope that’s just over-reaction by someone, like Cougar in Top Gun, who was holding on too tight and lost the edge. Once we lose the blogs, though, it’s over.

  3. Lew, I really think this team is quite a bit better than last year’s. I agree that the defense has a lot of work to do (too much “2 hand touch” play), but overall, you can see that they’re starting to “get it”.

  4. I agree with you, Drew – the team does look like they’re starting to “get it.” I think we’ll learn a lot Saturday night. Iowa is better than the average Big 10 team and presumably they don’t focus on us 365 days a year like State does so it ought to be a better barometer of where we are and how we might finish the season, both in terms of our offense’s ability to move the ball against a quality defense and our defense’s ability to stop anybody.

  5. @Lew
    Also, it won’t be the dreaded “first road game of the year”…

  6. Supers – it’s time to buckle our chin straps.

  7. SuperFan, don’t you dare! We’re Michigan and we don’t give up! I have a picture of us at NW in 2005, I’m a real fan also, I’ve been to every MSU-M game since 1969 so every time we lose to those clowns, it’s like a death in the family to me, trust me, nobody hurt more that I did leaving East Lansing on 10-3-09, have faith, Michigan will be Michigan again and you can take that to the bank! GO BLUE®

  8. The MSU game was a big let down, knowing that Michigan is much better than that. You could tell just like the Iowa game that the players was not giveing 100% at all. I have been a Michigan fan all my life and will not give up on them. I just cant belive that the players would make some of the mistakes that thay made. Thay played like a high school team. If I wonted to see a high school I would got to a local game, and not pay the kind of money for session tickets, and travel to every game just to waste money. After Iowa im about to sell the rest of my tickets for 1 doller, and thats both seats. Maybe some of the players dont wont to play college football. If so get someone in there that wontes to. I a player is makeing to many misstakes bench him, and get a 3rd string player out there so he can get a chance to do better. I think that a band mamber or a cheerleader could do better. My coach in high school would bench us if we messed up more than once. It worked, we would relize when sitting on the bench that you failed and had to pay the price for letting down the team, and the school. Doing this lead us to go on to be state champs after years of never going anywere. Maybe the players would think about how that would afet the school, and there future of playing in games. Look the player down tell thay get there head out of there butt. I mean we are U of M not some small football team that no one ever heard of right. I think only the best of the best playes when you so you wont to be there. If not there are alot of young kids that would give anything even there soul to play for Michigan. Ya what a wast of sesion tickets if you ask me. Next year we should drop every player from this year and start over at least we would have a beeter shot, and my sesion tickes that I get every year would be worth something even to just see a new team of players. I think that coach should push these players to the limt, and partice the crap out of them just to prove a point of imbarsing him, the school, the fans, and there family. Im glad my son is to young to play for college coues I would be ashamed of him if he played that way. He loves football, and to him there is nothing else high school. He wonted to be a Wolverine next year, but told me if thay play like that, and get away with it may he should got to MSU or Iowa to play ball. That comeing from a fan sence I tought him how to play the game. Any how a fan to the end, but not prowed right know.