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Did anyone out there hear the segment with former Nebraska stand-out and recovering drug addict Jason Peter on Jim Rome today? I caught it in the car, I’m looking for the audio to post. If you’ve got it please send it along.

Even if you know the story you’ve got to hear him tell it. In a nutshell, his younger brother Damian was a highly rated Holtz commit to Notre Dame. The summer before he was to enroll he was injured in their swimming pool and was perhaps minutes from never walking again. He eventually recovered but it ended his career. According to Peter, Holtz never called his brother once when he was in the hospital. Nothing. When his brother eventually enrolled at Notre Dame, none of the coaching staff ever approached him about the injury or offered any assistance. Me writing this doesn’t do justice the passion of live interview, so I’m trying to get it for you.

I’ve heard a few things about Holtz and I’ve heard his motivational speech, I’ve seen some of the messes he’s created and I listen to him on ESPN. All this said, there’s two sides to stories like this and we really should hear what Holtz has to say.


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  2. Lou holtz is a LOSER. He knows NOTHING about college football.

  3. I wouldnt say Holtz knows NOTHING about college football… as I recall, he won a National Championship in 1988 while at Notre Dame…. “Idiots” don’t win Championships…

  4. This Jason guy needs to put down the crack pipe and get over it! Are you kidding me? How long ago was this? Move on!!

  5. proof that only meth addicts and losers with jorts come from nebraska. oh, and shemp, you’re a moron and probably wish you were from nebraska.

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  9. …thank God he has a strong family and great friends!

  10. I am a lifelong husker fan, but this is entire article is ridiculous. Jason Peter can’t fathom how Holtz could by treat his brother so badly not calling, meanwhile his brother Christian Peter RAPED AND SEXUALLY assaulted young women at the University of Nebraska while he played there. In fact, if Jason wants to criticize coaches, why not start with his own. It is a known fact that the parents of the young girl who was raped went to the Nebraska coaching staff, the Christian Peter was suspended for one off-season exhibition game. It is also a known fact that Tom Osborne went to the young woman who was raped years later and admitted to “not doing right by her” in letting Christian continue to play. So add this all up and what do we have here? We have the brother of a rapist, and former player for a Coach who allowed a rapist to continue playing on his team with minimal punishment, calling Lou Holtz out for not being more friendly to his brother when he was injured. Jason Peter is a dopehead, and a joke. From sideline to sideline he may have been a “god” among men, but off the field he and his brother Christian were pieces of shit. Bleep that one out.

  11. Huskerfan – thanks for the comment. You say “this entire article is ridiculous”. I posted the audio because it’s incredible radio, and offered that there are two sides to every story, that’s all. I have no idea if it’s true, but you have to admit it’s compelling

  12. The kid just broke his neck and all he wants is to be apart of Notre Dame fotball. By Lou Holtz not even asking him how hes doing even once, is ridiculous. No wonder he left notre dame and came to Nebraska. Lou Holtz is an asshole. How heartless can one man be? Oh ya and Mike Gallagher the story is about Damion not christain, so just get off that topic. And For jason to quit his addiction is probably a lot harder than anything you have ever done in your life, so… GET OFF HIS BACK. making fun of somebody on a website probabaly makes you feel like a hard ass. So all i have to say is you must feel pretty big mike, making fun of a guy who probably accomplished more in one season of football then you will ever accomplish in your life

  13. Lou Holtz picked ND to win the NC this year……..I didn’t know all it took to be a analyst on ESPN is to say your favorite team is going to win the National Championship……what a ******* joke…..bad coach, bad analyst, bad person

  14. I have and always will be a husker fan say what you want I have no reason to not believe this story Jason and his family have no reason to lie about any of this and as far as being an addict just look through your on family or friends drug use is every where he’s clean now get over it I’m glad he and his brothers are doing well today!

  15. Yeah, in the interest of fairness, Holtz should be allowed to air his 2 cents worth. But I’m also inclined to believe that someone who had trouble with the NCAA at every freaking stop and is the biggest pile o’ **** homer on ESPN has absolutely ZERO credibility.

  16. @sodonnell Really? Move on? I don’t think people just “move on” after a coach PERSONALLY recruited him and once he suffered his neck injury, never called or anything. Just discarded him, like he was nothing. When on the other hand Tom Osborne came and visited several times. How would you react if you’re beloved family member suffered such an injury as this and someone left him for nothing, didn’t even care about him? Just “move on”?

  17. @isu Only meth heads? Was Tommie Fraizer one? Mike Rozier? Tom Osborne? Bo Pelini? Christian Peter? Watch your mouth when you talk about greatness and Nebraska Football.

  18. Peter thinks that he writes a book and suddenly is credible and able to call Holtz “not genuine”? How does Rome even tolerate this? Holtz is one of the most genuine/giving people I have ever met. His players would do anything for him. All this guy wants is a little drama so he can increase sales of his book. Go back to the pipe chief, you’re washed up and insignificant.