Props to Indiana’s Bill Lynch for the classic move of firing his gum down the sideline after the refs initially ruled on Donovan Warren’s interception that effectively ended the game.   I had about the same angle from my seats as the ESPN cameras (a bad one), but I kind of understand Lynch’s rage. 

Nevertheless, unlike another state of Indiana coach, looks like Lynch took the high road after the game:

"I couldn’t see," Lynch said. "Obviously, where I’m standing on the sidelines it looked like they both had it. That’s as far as I could go."

As far as where the gum ended up, I pored over photos from the game and found something strange on one IU helmet:


Update 9/28:  Interesting Zapruder frame-by-frame pulled together by SCM over at the great Maize N Brew including this snap shot of initial shot of the ball:


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