As pointed out by a reader on this site, if you try to access the “official” Michigan store on you are presented with a notice.   It seems the partnership with the dreaded Texas outfit that runs the former mgoblueshop is officially severed.

This morning I confirmed with a source at the M-Den that they are indeed having talks with U-M about renewing their partnership.   This isn’t a shock as I’m not sure how many other firms can handle this and M-Den demonstrated in the past they could.   Hopefully this works out and this business is back in local hands.

Another great move you can chalk up to the leadership of Dave Brandon.  He’s The Cleaner or The Wolf – problems come to his desk and then suddenly disappear.   More on this later.

[Ed. 6/22 –  It’s official – M Den and Michigan renew their partnership.]


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  2. Sounds like more “Dave Brandon cleaning up Bill Martin’s mess” stuff.

  3. Why did they go with that company anyways, anyone know? I'm assuming they offered better prices then M-Den, but since it only lasted a year obviously the people at UofM weren't happy. Anybody hear of anyone having problems with their gear ?
    Anyways, glad it's back locally(hopefully), I think everyone knows you're getting good quality when you buy from M-Den

  4. Craig(not HSR Craig)

    It is good to hear that MDen might be back. In a related topic, I think Moe's was bought by Underground Printing. Can anyone confirm this?

    • Craig – That's correct – Moe's purchased by Underground Printing (a few months back IIRC?). And the M-Den deal is now official – announced just before lunch today.