1. Dierdorf wearing a watch – awesome!

  2. How close were Henne, Wheatley and Anthony Thomas to making the list? Wheatley for me is above Hart and A-Train but Hart has the advantage with the career rushing record.

  3. @Teddy
    Those guys were considered, FWIW Henne definitely before Tom Brady who is a popular consideration. On the backs, I actually struggled more excluding Ron Johnson and Billy Taylor than the A-Train and T-Wheat. On Hart, to me he was a fairly easy choice for me – the guy is the all-time rushing leader but it’s not just because he had good lines and a dominant tackle in Long — he was remarkable at getting a few extra yards

  4. I think my number is next :) Not many defensive players, though of course it’s very hard to distinguish the all-time greats from the very good. Mike Hammerstein and Brandon Graham were probably the best DL since Bo era began, in my purely subjective opinion. At LB: Simpkins? Who else? And any other DBs?

    It was very interesting to read about Julius Franks and Bill Yearby, whom I don’t remember hearing about before. I would be great if you could do articles on them.

  5. What about Woodley? Unanimous first-team All American plus the only Michigan player to win the Lombardi and Hendricks award.