For all those who have lost their minds right now, how about giving the process a chance to play out before judging Michigan, Brandon, President Coleman, Harbaugh?  

How about getting an official decision and an explanation from David Brandon before killing the folks at State Street?  

And here’s a stretch: how about giving the coach, whomever that is this year, a fair shot over the next few seasons?


  1. Self-righteous much?

  2. I agree, but just once, I'd like the AD to try to control the message rather than let the leaks and rumors fester. That's the real problem that leads to people losing their dignity.

    • Greg from MVictors

      But how much control do they have – apparently no decent source said RR was fired (because he wasn't, apparently). Fox 2 found someone who said they did or they guessed.

      • About the RR firing report, you're right. That's an overzealous media. I'm more talking about the other rumors (all of them). [Harbaugh hasn't been offered the job! MSC hates him! No, he has been offered the job and 5.2 million dollars and he's turned it down! Brady Hoke is not an option! He's the only option!]
        When the University says nothing, it's the leaked reports and rumors that get relied upon. They can't shoot down every crazy rumor, I agree. But they can do a much better job of controlling the message than "There'll be an evaluation after the bowl game."

      • actually, that's a perfect job of "controlling the message." saying that there will be an evaluation after the bowl game indicates that there will be, you know, an evaluation after the bowl game. responding to every damn fool rumor / report / piece of orifice-originated information would be NOT controlling the message.

  3. It frustrates me to no end that so many people think they know something, that they know better, and that they're right. It also frustrates me that some people, especially in some corners of traditional media, have already decided their tack, their position, and are now working to create that outcome, even if it is not in the best interests of the school. It's an irresponsible use of one's platform to push an agenda without respect for the process. But it is also unsurprising. And sad.

  4. Well said.

  5. Very well put. Thank you for your sanity and clarity of thought. I'm also with Gaunxi inasmuch as the blogs, message boards and fans at large seem way, way more unhinged at this point than the traditional media.

  6. Here's my problem, at this point, with just blaming the media or message boards. Brandon started in PR, and is savvy. But he violates a cardinal PR rule (assuming he wants to minimize "frenzy" — and that he has any instinct to be considerate of RR): he sets up the meeting with RR to be held on South State, rather than at an undisclosed off-site, and discreet, location. What's that tell you?: Brandon WANTS the attention and frenzy, even if it lets RR continue to fry even more publicly. It's odd, and counter-productive behavior by Brandon.

  7. Thanks Greg. I think you’re the only sane person left on the Internet.

    @@cdbarkder: I don’t see how you can read the bloggers and message board posters, and then blame the professional media for the situation. The professionals are imperfect, but they’re on a different planet than the amateurs, who generate 90% of the sound and fury.

  8. This has become a classless circus and has been handled poorly by both the AD and University. For a “World Class” institution and and “elite” program, it looks like a bunch of amatueurs and handling this self induced mess.

  9. I'm unsure what the university has done to inspire trust and confidence so that we (alumni, boosters, fans) can all sit back and not question their judgment. No other school in the country has conducted a process such as this. Every other school in the country that needed to make a coaching change did so at the end of the season, long before the bowl games. The incoming recruits don't know whats going on and signing day is 4 weeks away. The current team doesn't know what's going on. All kinds of things are being leaked but none of it seems to be accurate.

    I don't think the current administration has earned a 'trust us'. Media relations is as much of a part of the job as anything. Right now, the school is getting killed in the national media and the fans are wondering who is running the show. It's painful to watch the greatest institution in the state tarnished this way.

    • oh, for christ's sake. EVERYONE? everyone had a clear transition? at maryland? pitt?

      i hate our fans.

      • Every school either announced or had made a coaching change before the bowl season. Maryland announced well before their bowl game that the old staff would be replaced. Pitt announced within a week at the end of the season that staff would be replaced. Pitt had a coach in place whose actions led to his immediate firing. As for Maryland, the night that UConn finished their bowl game, it was leaded that Edsall was taking over and it was confirmed the very next day.

        Maybe you are a faithful person. And maybe you just simply have faith that DB will guide us the right way. I rely on evidence. There is no evidence that DB is doing a good job right now.

  10. you must be new here.

  11. Good thoughts, I agree.

  12. Fair chance….yeah, like 3 years, no excuses. just like last time.

    I hate our fans also. We just moved one step closer to OSU ansd the SEC when we put W's and the classist cultural bias of some fans over character and academics.

  13. @Phanatron

    Since when does UM do it the way everyone else did? Should we start paying players, lowering academic standards, etc.? I’m proud of a school that does it the right way, regardless of what other schools do, vitriolic fans, or columnists trying to sell papers.


    If this is true, Stephen Ross should be shot and the Ross building should be burned to the ground.

  15. Well, all the RR haters got their way and I hope they are happy. I guess those folks want to return to "Carr-Ball" and return to 8-4 seasons with no hope of getting better. In 21st century college football, Bo & Carr's style of football is outdated and will not succeed. These folks who never gave RR a chance had better have the same amount of courage to call for the firing of the sucker who comes in and takes over now (if we can get one!). I feel we've just set ourselves back another 4 years…….

    After the last month's fiasco, I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that it's Brandon who is incompetent and needs to be fired….I'm more worried about our fotball future now that I was yesterday.

  16. "And here’s a stretch: how about giving the coach, whomever that is this year, a fair shot over the next few seasons?"

    Oh, that's rich. So say we give him two years? We might give him three, if he has to ovecome the massive distraction of a ridiculous NCAA investigation and a howlingly, relentlessly, negative local media. So three years, he gets. Maybe. And he'll need to expect a lot of complaining.

    And God help him, if Braylon Edwards doesn't approve.