[Update 1/16/2011:  Check out the 2011 version of a LEGO Horseshoe, it puts this one to shame.]

LEGO Ohio Stadium

In the first shot across the bow between Buckeye and Wolverine fans, it was learned today that an OSU-backer finally achieved what nerds on both sides of the Michigan-Ohio border have been attempting for years: to construct replicas for their respective stadiums out of LEGO blocks. If you are not a fan or a nerd, this is comparable to the Russian launch of Sputnik in 1957.

According to various sources, the 1:275 scale model of Ohio Stadium took 2000 hours (what?) & 2.5 years to build and stands about 10 inches tall. We can not verify if the builder included any drunk LEGO Buckeye fans sleeping outside the stadium or peeing on the Horse Shoe walls. Rumor has it that the original owner traded this LEGO masterpiece for a 6 pack and a half-spent tin of Kodiak.

Several Wolverines are scrambling to complete their replicas before Michigan stadium undergos its renovation in 2008. The closest we’ve come to compete with the mini-Ohio Stadium is a (gulp) LEGO Michigan Marching band tuba player (fyi, I really found this in google images, and it really is supposed to be an M band member):
Michigan LEGO Marching band guy



  2. The replica wouldn’t be complete with the burning lego cars and the smashed lego windows in a lego Columbus after we lay the smackdown this Sat….well I guess it wouldn’t matter. They riot either way.

  3. Good thought on the burning car NoNon. I went ahead and added in a turned over patrol car consumed in flames

  4. This is unreal.

  5. It would be even funnier if the scoreboard showed that a 1-AA opponent came into the Horseshoe and bitchslapped the Buckeyes. Some other team already owns than distinction though.

  6. yourdreamsofchampionshiparegonzo

    And to cap it all off, if you could get BLOWN OUT your 2nd week… that would be even better… Blue blows…. Go Bucks!

  7. all the M fans can go s*ck ohio states balls! who was defeated by appalachian state? hhhmmm…. o ye, the wolverines!!! and who has the best team in the country and still undefeated……O-H-I-O!!!!!Go bucks! ur wolverines sucks! OSU for champoinship!!!!

  8. Hey Buckeye crazy, thanks for reminding me who was undefeated…Whoops…13 hours later Illinois changes that. So…we’ll see if you can beat the team that beat the team that beat you, and that lost to App st?

  9. isnt that pretty much the most idiotic arguement ever mvictors? didn’t we beat wisconsin and they beat you sooo to sum it all up…you’re an idiot….go bucks!

  10. Didn’t know we were having an “Arguement”

  11. you’re right we arent because your point is dumb…

  12. michigan stadiam looks like it got blowed up

  13. So Michigan still sucks!! Maybe one day in the next decade they will put up a fight. I will only keep my fingers crossed. By the way thanks Rich Rod!!

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