An excellent new post on LostLetterman (HT: Dan at LL).  Former Michigan DB and national champion Marcus Ray talks about his relationship with Ron English, and the advice the EMU coach gave Ray as he pursues his goal of becoming a coach.  Check it out.  A snip:

[English] told me to protect my reputation. Don’t say or do anything that would hurt you in the business. Don’t say anything negative about anybody who you have worked for or who can give you an opportunity.

He told me to keep learning from as many people as I can. Keep reaching out and making new friends in the business.

Stay positive. Keep coaching. Keep your blades sharp. And good things will happen.

And he said never leave the defensive backfield. He said every coach is looking for the next defensive backs coach, especially with the spread offense and dynamic passing attacks.

How do I remember Ray?  Obviously as a member of the 1997 squad.  I remember that Charles Woodson acknowledged him right after it was announced he won the Heisman.  But probably mostly for this: delivering the hit on David Boston that made for the greatest Sports Illustrated cover of all time:


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  1. Marcus Ray may be one of my all-time favorite Michigan players. I always liked that he was an Engineering student and that he and Woodson relaxed by watching Jeopardy! together. He is also one of the nicest guys whom I have ever met while they were signing. Rooting for him to do big things.