This was replayed this morning on WTKA 1050AM‘s Michigan Insider with Sam Webb and Ira Weintraub, and I thought I’d post it up here.  Here’s frequent WTKA call ‘Mark from Lansing’ dialing up the “Jack and Tom Show” from 1320AM in Lansing.

Hosts Jack Ebling (longtime LSJ sports writer) and Tom Crawford (M fan, of fame)  were discussing the Demar Dorsey media circus when Crawford admitted his disapproval of Dorsey’s appearance.  This prompted the  spirited call from Mark, who had concerns about Crawdaddy’s views and along the way blasted Drew Sharp and called Terry Foster an Uncle Tom.    From the WTKA podcasts, the clip:

While Mark pounded away at Crawford, he didn’t say anything when Tom defiantly declared he had loads of black friends.  The “but I have black friends” defense  is pretty offensive on its own and didn’t help his explanation of the matter.


  1. The “I have black friends” argument has much validity in arguments like this as statements like “I’m not a racist, but…; but I work with minorities; but I love Eddie Murphy!” In regards to Dorsey, people should just read Wojo’s column about the issue and be done with it already. I’m tired of the “Ron from Ann Arbor”s and Jeff DeFrauds of the world who believe that Michigan was this squeaky clean program full of student-athletes until Rich Rod came along. Most of us who went to school there probably saw our fair share of questionable things in regards to the athletes. Brian from MGoBlog brought up a good point Monday afternoon. New Orleans Saints center Jonathan Goodwin from THE University of Michigan was once arrested during his playing days in A2 (stole something at K-Mart). Thankfully it wasn’t a violent crime but a crime nonetheless and I can’t recall how Lloyd punished him. The thing is, he made good of himself after the incident.

  2. You may recall that board posters were universally trashing Goodwin, and Carr for keeping him on the team. In fact, it got pretty sickening. As far as the caller, you need to recognize that he frequently accuses people of racism or bigotry. Sam Webb, who I believe is a friend of this caller, tried to soften the attack by telling listeners that he was not accusing Crawford (?) of being a bigot, but was instead simply stating that the comments could be interpreted as such. Well, listen to the call. There is no ambiguity. He accuses this man, who in all likelihood has no bigoted bone in his body, with being a bigot.

    Go back the the Mike and Mike incident. He made the same argument, over what was in all likelihood a slip of the tongue, on the radio, after posting that he thought it was a non-issue. I don’t like the Mike and Mike show, and don’t like Mike or Mike. But the caller is way more bigoted than either of the Mikes.

  3. It probably wasn’t right to insult Terry Foster like that. To be fair, he’s no Uncle Tom. He’s just a bad reporter/columnist.