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Former Michigan legend Mark Messner joined Sam and Ira on WTKA this morning.  Overall he’s very pleased with the progress this season and with this team, on the quarterbacks.  In the wake of the talk of Rodriguez yelling at Forcier, Messner recalled being yelled about by Bo and how he feels about RR blasting away (he likes it).

Messner called in to help promote the auctions for the Pat Maloy Scholarship going on right now (including some items signed by Messner himself). 

Here’s the audio (it starts about 1 minute in):


Sam mentioned my interview with Messner earlier this year when he talked about his recruitment; you can find that here.

Update:  A scoop for you.  My sources at the Maloy auction tell me that next week’s honorary guest on WTKA to pump the auction will be the great Gordie Bell!  Look forward to that.

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